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Security & safety equipment

This jackets are approved by NIJ (National Institute of Justice) of USA. Body Protection soft Armor using Armid Fabric BP Steel, Kevlar Dyreema, Spans a wide range of protection levels and is available in numerous outer cover material and camouflage pattern. Our enthusiatic group of Technical professional is dedicated to provide advance solution for the next challenge. Designed to provide maximum ballistic protection with utmost comfort, light weight and flexibility, available in protection level III A, level III and level IV. The outer cover is fabricated of a washable polyester cotton blend, has adjustable fasteners (on shoulders and around the wrist) with hook and loop fasteners that allow individual adjustment for maximum comfort and fit. Body armour shows a wide range of operational requirement from high performance comfort armour to Fragmentation Resistance Jacket. Each system is carefully designed to perform its function as efficiently as possible with particular attention to ever present cost and weight constraints.