Manufacturing Product Details
Bomb Display Products

Inbuilt lithium ion rechargeable battery In addition to the visual indication of the type of
explosive and its concentration, the ionogram (Plasma gram) is also displayed on the
LCD. Storage of ionograms(Plasma gram) in memory Blue tooth capability
Specially designed "Io Scan 2.7" software with programmable windows. The program
can be updated to include detection of new explosives as they become known. High sensitivity and selectivity, false
alarm rate less than 1%. Completely automatic, real-time portable hand-held detector Ready to operate in less
than 10 seconds after automatic calibration Constant operational adjustment to changes in environmental
conditions. PC compatible, laptap as per customer requirement U.S.B Connectivity. No gas-carrier, no
calibration accessories, no consumables are required Safe, simple to use controls, no operator interpretation
required. Impact-resistant plastic case. Identification parameters adjustment Microprocessor based, no
electromagnetic interference to / of other electronic / electrical devices.