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Bullet Proof Jacket:

The jackets are approved by NIJ (National Institute of Justice) of USA.

Body protection soft Armor using Armid Febric BP Steel, Kevlar Dyreema, Spans a wide range of protection levels and is available in numerous outer cover material and camouflage pattern.

Our enthusiastic group of Technical professional is dedicated to provide advance solution for the next challenge.

Designed to provide maximum ballistic protection with utmost comfort, light weight and flexibility, available in protection level III A and III.

The outer cover is fabricated of a washable polyester cotton blend, has adjustable fasteners (on shoulders and around the wrist) with hook and loop fasteners that allow individual adjustment for maximum comfort and fit.

Body armor shows a wide range of operational requirement from high performance comfort armor to Fragmentation Resistance Jacket. Each system is carefully designed to perform its function as efficiently as possible with particular attention to ever present cost and weight constraints.


Bullet Proof Helmet:

Selectable, adjustable & comfortable harness.

PASGT, Paratrooper & Comfort design.

Very light weight.

Two, three and four point’s suspension harness.

Snap fit and quick release chin strap.

Small, medium, large and X-large sizes.

Protection NIJ Level III A and FSP.

Color as per customer’s choice.


Bullet Proof Patka (Safety Head Gear):

Having Protection for 9mm at rear from 10 mtrs and from 25 mtrs, AK47 or SLR at forehead.

Weight: 1.4 kg to 1.7 kg (approx).


Bullet Proof Car:

Arihant Enterprise provides safety features as per the threat perception to the vehicle by arming it to the desire level.

This includes reinforcing the doors, roof, front, back and floor with light weight hard armor panels.

Also, the windows glass panes are refurnished to strengthen them to give proper protection.

Protect against NIJ Level III and 1.5 mt. sq. for panels protecting against NIJ Level III A.

Can be fabricated in any shape, size and design.


Bullet Proof Morcha & Podium:

The bullet proof morcha consists of three plates joined together with hinges. It can be used picked for Sentry. Especially in the area of insurgency where the terrorist activities are more, It can be erected or dismantled in a very short period. The BP Steel Morcha replaces the sand bags.

Podiums are used for the VIP’s sittings on the dias.


Bullet Proof Shield:

To increase ease of use and mobility, it is also available in trolley versions.

The bullet proof shields provide the personnel full protection against bullets while keeping it light weight.


Bullet Proof Sentry Cabins:

Kaiser has the standard sentry cabin for sun and rain protection of the gate sentry outside the protected premises, fabricated in chemical treated wood this cabins has total front opening and windows on all the three sides for keeping an all around vigil.

Kaiser has an improvised version of the sentry cabin for high security areas. Fabricated in RCC and armored with thick steel the cabin is designed for total safety and protection against all types of gun shots and explosions.


Bomb Basket:

The bomb basket is provided with additional features of safety. A tailored nylon covered is provide to protect the (IED) and held in place by a elasticized cords on inside of basket.


Outer dia- 210mm

Wall Thickness- 15-18mm

Height- 610mm


Bomb Suppression Blanket with (Blast Containment Ring):

Bomb Suppression Blanket (BSB) and Blast Containment Ring (BSR) are suitable for use in Railway Station, Important Trains, Airports, Bus Terminals, Post Offices, Weekly Markets, PCR Vans, Control Room in Festivals/Fairs and Theatres etc.

The Blast Containment Ring is First places on its edge around the suspected bomb/improvised Explosive Device (IED) and the Bomb Suppression Blanket is then placed over the Blast Containment Ring and suspected bomb, while awaiting examination. This combo deters side fragmentation discharge as well as top discharge. (The BSBs are used in conjunction with the BSR).

Should a detonation or explosion occur, the ring directs the force of the blast upwards and the Blanket flexes and contains most of the fragments created by the explosion, so that the damage to personnel or property in the area is considerably reduced. It provides prompt and effective method for dealing with suspected packages.


Kaiser Poly carbonate Riot Safety Equipments:

Kaiser Poly Carbonate Riot Shield.

Kaiser FRP Helmet with Poly Carbonate Visor.

Kaiser Poly Carbonate Battons, Lathis.

Kaiser Body Protected with Elbow & Singuard.


Bomb Trolley Sand Filled (Bomb Trailer):

The bomb trailer is made of M.S. Sheet of 2 mm thick outer skin and 3 mm inner skin. The trailer is made as per motor vehicle act. Sand filled in all four sides and floor in 9” thick gap. A Toeing hook is provided.


Length- 5’

Width- 4’

Height- 2’5”


Bomb Sled:

Working behind the protection of Bomb Sled, which is a part of personnel equipment carried with Bomb Basket Trolley. Operator can manipulate the recovery of the suspected device (IED) with maximum personal safety and protection by providing two viewing windows fitted with poly glasses and two holes to facilitate the operator to handle the suspected (IED) with his hands, manually.



Kaiser Lock


This enables operation of the lock from any corner of the house or any floor of the building.

Kaiser Latch


This lacth can be operated from any corner through switch.

Kaiser code lock


Key padlock to operated the lock.

Audio Door Phone


To speak and to visitor outside.

Video Door Phone


To speak and to visualize to the visitor outside.



To view visitor outside on the Monitor placed.

Anti burglary Alarm


For protection of home or any installation against authorized entry. Once detected system will trigger high power alarm for society to rush to attend the cause of the alarm. The system can be switched off by authorized attend only.

Car Alarm


This modern alarm system will protect your car from theft. All four doors Bonnet and boot of the car will have detection devices that will switch on the alarm appropriately once unauthorized entry is recognized. The device will defunction engine operating system to stall the drive power. Only authorized person can put back to normal mode.

Bike Alarm


This device can be installed on any 2 wheeler, once one tries to unfold the bike from the stand it sends a high power alarm & defunction the engine function.

Taxi Hi-Jacking


The device avoids your car/taxi for hi-jacking. On activation the vehicle stop after 1min and the hooter blows calling so city for help.

Anti snatching alarm with briefcase


The briefcase while being snatched by any one sends an alarm which stop only when the power switches off the system. The system can be installed in your briefcase also.

Anti snatching alarm without briefcase


The briefcase while being snatched by any one sends an alarm which stop only when the power switches off the system. The system can be installed in your briefcase also.

Anti burglary alarm without suitcase


The suitcase while being used for traveling instantly sends an alarm if any stranger tries to lift the same. The alarm does not stop until the owner switches off the system.

Auto Pump Operator


The device automatically switches ON your pump while water reaches the desired level: while the reservoir does not have any stored water the system immediately trips avoiding dry run.

Cordless Intercom


With in the same electrical phase two intercom can be used without interconnecting through a cord. With cord (cordless range 1 km).

Insect Trap Device


This device ejects ray at particular frequency which attracts insect and once the same approaches the system gets lost in it.

Fake Currency Detector


This device while ejects UV ray enables one to know the hidden mark on currency and detect a fake from original. The device can be clubbed with a F.M.


Model K-2018

With in-built charger.

Sleek & very handy.

Brilliant white light up to 700 meters large.

ON & OFF facility.

Flasher system.

Timer facility.

Low battery cut off at 9.5 volts.

Low on cost, yet tough and rugged.

Elegantly designed and attractive looking.

Easy to maintain.

LED indicators for required charge.

Over charge protection.


K-2018 (with Timer and Dimmer facility):

With in-built charger.

Sleek & very handy.

Brilliant white light up to 700 meters large.

ON & OFF facility.

Flasher system.

Timer facility.

Dimmer facility

Low battery cut off at 9.5 volts.

Low on cost, yet tough and rugged.

Elegantly designed and attractive looking.

Easy to maintain.

LED indicators for required charge.

Over charge protection.

Blinking System.


Model Kaiser 2018 (Search Light cum Flood Light):

It can be easily rotated full 360 Degree along with elevation & depression facilities.

Waterproof construction.

High range capacity.

Light is having focusing arrangement by which same light can be used as search light of area flood light as required.

Light can be focused to any direction and locked.

Light being fitted on the roof of the watch tower, security man can focus the light to any direction from the tower during rainy season.

Under platform control can be extended by one meter length or more, if required.

Adequate heat radiation system is provided to keep the light cool and to have the proper life of the lamp used.

Light without under platform control can be fitted on the lighting towers for yard lighting.

Light can be fitted on a table top with cluster wheel so that it can be shifted, trained, elevated or depressed locally on watch tower.

Available with Halogen Lamp / HPSV Lamp / Projector Lamp as required.


Model Kaiser 2018 (LED Search Light):

Light Weight.

Powerful Beam.

Single Frontal LED.

Tough body with rubberised finished.

Range: 300 mtrs.

Inbuilt battery charger.

Water Resistant.

Charging Indicator.

Feather tough Switch Pannel.


Hand Held Metal Detector Model Garrett:


LED Alert Light Green: Power ON

Amber: Battery LOW

Red: ALARM Condition

Humidity: To 95% non-condensing

Operating Frequency: 98 kHz

Controls: Power switch (ON/OFF) Interference Elimination Momentary Switch

Vibration Mode: Optional


Width: 8.3 cm

Thickness: 4.13 cm

Length: 42cm

Weight: 500gm


Hand Held Metal Detector Model Super Scanner:


High sensitivity.

Simple and convenient to use, no adjustment is required.

The detection distance will not be changed when the battery voltage drop from 9v to about 7v.

Low power consumption, can work for 40 hr continuously.

There is automatic and continues alarm when the battery is used up.

Switch ON/OFF audio prompt function.

With external rechargeable socket whole.

Has audio, light and vibration handoff switch.

Detection Distance

Pin: 30-60 mm

64model handgun: 150 mm

6 inch long knife: 160 mm

Steel Ball: 90 mm


Baggage Scanner (Model No- KBS 19):

Technical Data

Tunnel Size: 500 (W) x 300 (H) MM

Conveyor Speed: 0.22 M/S

Conveyor Max Load: 20 KG

Single Inspection Dosage: <1.5uGY

Wire Resolution: 0.1 MM Metal Line

Steel Penetration: 8MM ARMOUR PLATE

Film Safety: FOR ISO 1600

Maximum Leakage Radiation: <0.3uGYH/H

Optional: Can be provided in different sizes


Kaiser Door Frame Metal Detector Fixed Model Single Zone (Model No.-KSZ 19) Without Ramp:

Type: Fixed

Zone: Single Zone

Construction: Laminated Ply

Passage: 1950mm x 750mm

Overall Dimension: 2100mm x 825mm x 300mm

Power: CV & CC SMPS power supply for use with 90 V to 270 V

Sensitivity: 10 levels of sensitivity

Detection: Ferrous & Non Ferrous

Visual Indication: 10 step LED based and Bar graph indication

Audio Indication: Polyphonic tone through Audio Speaker

Battery Back-up: 12 hours


Multizone Door Frame Metal Detector Six Zone (Model No.- KMZ 17):

Work Environment: 5oC – 60o C, < 95% RH

Zone: Available in 6 zone, 9 zone, 12 zone (As per customer requirement)

Counter: Inbuilt


Kaiser Deep Search Metal Detector:

Simple to operate-only push button for zero reference.

LED indicators for ON, Charging and low battery.

Continuously sensitivity and volume control.

3 section adjustable telescope pole.

Stick probe for use in dense vegetation and difficult terrain.

Fast and accurate location of buried metal.

Head phones are provided to exclude external noise.

Batteries give over 8 hour of continuous use on one charge.

Light weight and rugged design.

High impact thermoplastic search head and stick probe.


Kaiser Door Frame Metal Detector (Portable Model):

Construction: Collapsible PVC Pipe

Area Size: 215cm x 95cm

Clearance: 185cm x 90cm

Weight: 15Kgs. (Approx)

Std. use : Mobile Field.

Power: 6V 4AH Dry SLA or 220V AC Rechargeable battery.

Controls: Separate Unit.

Vol Controls: Yes.

Walk & Stop: Optional.

Audio: Yes.

Ferrite Indications: Yes.

Visual System: Yes.


Kaiser under Vehicles Inspection Mirror and Extension Search Mirror:

Light Weight

Distinct Vision

Adjustable Torch Mounting

Maintenance Free


Kaiser Mail Bomb Detector (Model No.- KBD-19):

Digital signal processing with backlit system indicators.

Operators on 220V AC.

Fast and reliable screening of mail and courier deliveries.

Screens packets up to telephone directory size (2.25” thick).

Detects all known detonating devices regardless of type of explosive

Detects, knives, weapons and small metal objects in mail.

Ignores regular stationary items such as paper clips, staples and metal tags.

Automatically triggers an alarm on packets containing detonating devices.

Visual and audio alarm and no calibration required.

A test card allows the user to check the unit for correct functioning.

Completely safe for use with camera film and magnetic media.

Integral battery backup with built in charger.

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