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Cuts steel bars with thickness up to 22 mm and chains up to 10 mm.

Lifts and moves obstacles weighing up to 4 to opens building doors in the event of fire.

Opens vehicle doors.

Easily breaks locks.

Perfect for operations with SCBA.


Revel Scout Portable Scene Light:

Exterior scene illumination for fire ground attack.

Interior overhaul after fire extinguishment.

Fire service and scene investigation.

Vehicle accidents and EMS calls.


Rescue Ram:

When rescuing from vehicles, e.g. to press the dashboard away.

For accidents in road, rail and air traffic, and on ships.

Rescue work involving collapsed buildings or natural catastrophes.

Pushing away and lifting obstructions.

Creating and stabilising openings.


Hydraulic Cutter:

Cuts through the material in one move, no matter where you position the tool.

Stronger than any other hydraulic cutter: NFPA – All 9, EN – 5 x K.

204 mm opening width puts this cutter in the highest category according to EN 13204 (Class CC 200).

Cutting force: 1.376 kN, which is virtually 140 tonnes.

Ideally suited to all standard and new vehicle materials.


Cutter and Spreader:

Initial rescue measures, e.g. to get primary access to injured persons.

Rescue work inside buildings.

Civil protection.

Rescue work for traffic accidents.



Intensive rescue operations involving road, rail or air transport.

Rescue work after natural disasters.

Peeling rescue openings in metal walls.

Pushing away and lifting obstacles.

Deforming metal parts.

Removing obstacles with the chain sets.


Rescue Path:

Very Useful floating bridge.

Ready for application in seconds.

Flexibly expendable

Easy to handling

Anti-slip surface


Safety Cushion:

Rescue from high area

Large landing area

Psychologically optimised

Setup in 80 seconds

Rescue from up to 20 floors


Truck Recovery:

Damage - free vehicle recovery.

Sure lifting ensures stability.

Controlled recovery for increased safety.

Savings from faster, more effective recovery.


Confined Space Entry-Exit Kit:

Rescue from manhole, sewage etc.

Breathe easy even in tight space

Easy to carry and assemble

Made of light materials

Effortless and time saving rescue tools


Lifting Bag:

Freeing trapped persons.

Traffic accidents.

Rock falls or landslides.

Lifting Collapsed buildings.


Self Contained Breathing Appartus Set (SCBA) With ThermalL Imaging Mask

The thermal mask is designed for Professional Fire fighters to provide enhanced Situational Awareness when they need it most.

The thermal camera is small and compact.

Ergonomically designed.

Bluetooth connectivity.

Auto shutdown after 20 minutes of inactivity.


Breathing Apparatus:

It is used for industrial applications as diverse as enterig sewers, cleaning out tanks and spray painting military aircraft.

Completely trolley system

4 Cylinder capacity with Hose Reel

Highest degree of respiratory Protection with long duration

Ideal for environment where ambient oxygen cannot be guaranteed.


Under Water Search Light:

It helps to search under water.

100M Waterproof

Contactless switch of PIEZO method.

Long lasting Battery lifespan

Low Battery error

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